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Topic: Male Sweat Can Boost Arousal in Women References: Popular Press Article: “Male Sweat Can Boost Arousal in Women.” New York Times 13 February, 2007 Scientific Journal Article: “MATE ATTRACTION OR MATE CONFIRMATION: The Evolutionary Role of Pheromones” American Psychological Association Brooksbank, B.W; Cowley, J.J.; Cutler, W.B. & Garcia, C.R.; Jarett, Laura R; Jenning- White, C; Knight, C.; Kohl, J.V.; Marconi, G., Auge, L., Oses, R., Quintana, R., Raffo,
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Unformatted text preview: F., & Young, E.; Miller, E.M.; Ridley, M; Russel, M.J.; Switz, G.M.; Stanislaw, H., & Rice, F; Stoddart, D.M; Symons, D; Veith, J.L., Buck, M., Getzlaf, S., Van Dalfsen, P. & Slade, S; Wilson, H.C. Supporting Article: “Ingredient in Male Sweat Raises Women's Hormone Levels” Scientific American February 2007...
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