Exodus 11-15 - Style revering Intent Shows how the Israelites are to honor God’s provision for them Questions Why is the chapter divided in the

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Cindy Garrison Exo/Deut May 11, 2009 Exodus 11 : The Last Plague Structure: Beginning: 1-3 God promises escape Middle: 4-8 Moses addresses Pharaoh End: 9-10 Pharaoh’s heart is hardened Characters: God, Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh Style: severe Intent: Shows that God differentiates between the Egyptians and the Israelites. Questions: Why did God allow other plagues to harm the Israelites but not here? Exodus 12 : The Passover Structure: Beginning: 1-30 The Passover, and the blood of the lamb Middle: 31-42 Pharaoh sends the Israelites out of Egypt End: 43-51 God gives Aaron rules for Passover Characters: God, Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh Style: distressed Intent: Shows how the people were able to escape Egypt, and shows the origin of the Passover. Questions: Why does it matter that they had unleavened bread? Exodus 13 : Consecration of the Firstborn Structure: Beginning: 1-13 Firstborns are to be consecrated or redeemed Middle: 14-16 Reasons for the consecration End: 17-22 God leads the people to the Red Sea Characters: God, Moses
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Unformatted text preview: Style: revering Intent: Shows how the Israelites are to honor God’s provision for them. Questions: Why is the chapter divided in the middle of the Red Sea story? Exodus 14 : Crossing the Red Sea Structure: Beginning: 1-9 Pharaoh decides to chase the Israelites Middle: 10-20 The people cry out, and God reassures Moses End: 21-31 The Israelites cross the Red Sea, and are awed by God’s power. Characters: God, Moses, Israelites, Pharaoh, Egyptians Style: afraid Intent: Displays the awesome power of God. Questions: Why is it ok that God killed hundreds of Egyptians? Exodus 15 : The Song of the Israelites Structure: Beginning: 1-21 The Israelites praise God for delivering them Middle: 22-24 The Israelites complain at Marah End: 25-27 God provides once again Characters: God, Moses, Miriam, the Israelites Style: worshipful Intent: God is patient and willing to provide for his people. Questions: Why did God put up with all their whining?...
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