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Bulls Ch 2 - Human nature may lead persons to act in a...

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Bulls – Ch 2 Me Myself and Why? “The unconstrained pursuit of self interest will promote the general welfare of society” p31 - This idea is against Christian morals “many observers hold that ‘the unconstrained pursuit of self-interest’ actually promotes only self-centeredness, greed, hedonism, materialism and a disregard for others The market economy functions better when it follows what the Bible says about self- interest and kingdom values The pursuit of self-interest advances rather than diminishes the well being of society
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Unformatted text preview: Human nature may lead persons to act in a manner that is to the economic disadvantage of society (33) Christians must live in a community God doesnt condemn wealth, but he asks for us to give and the wealthy have more to give and so are expected to give more The market system is most productive when it is undergirded by moral values such as trust, honesty, obligation and cooperation(41)...
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