Historical Essay - Blayre Meligan Period 2 Johnson...

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Blayre Meligan Period 2 Johnson Historical Essay Ever since the Civil War in 1861, racism has been around us. Stemmed from slavery, the Civil War was fought between the Union and eleven southern slave states. At the end of the war, six educated middle-class Confederate veterans, angry that the African American slaves were set free, created the Ku Klux Klan, and sought to control the political and social status of the slaves. The Klan attempted to curb black education, economic advancement, voting rights, and the right to bear arms. The white hooded KKK burnt churches of the black population, murdered, raped, and were rarely caught as most senior law officers in the South were high ranking KKK men of sympathetic with their aims. During their reign of terror, the KKK killed more than 150 African Americans in a single county in Florida and hundreds more in other counties. On Easter Sunday in 1873, the bloodiest single instance of racial violence in the Reconstruction era happened during the Colfax Massacre. The
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Historical Essay - Blayre Meligan Period 2 Johnson...

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