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The Captured - families endured on a daily basis living in...

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Blayre Meligan 1-12-06 Period 6 The Captured By Scott Zesch Author Scott Zesch started out researching information on an ancestor, his great- great-great uncle Adolph Korn.  "Captured" is about the experiences of nine  White children captured by Comanches and Apaches from 1865 to 1871.  Several of them were members of the large German-speaking community which  settled in the Texas Hill Country west of San Antonio. Adolph Korn not only  survived but delighted in the rough, nomadic life of his Comanche captors. For  three years he fought alongside them against settlers, buffalo hunters, soldiers  and other enemies that threatened their lifestyle. And, when forced to return to  his parents, he was unable to fit into white society and became an eccentric who  spent his final years as a near recluse. One can only imagine the terror these 
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Unformatted text preview: families endured on a daily basis, living in fear of being attacked by the Indians, but on the other hand you also get a glimpse of the Indian’s lives from their perspective as well as you try to understand their purpose and why they did what they felt they had to do in order to survive. Many of the captives lived the remainder of their lives never quite living fully in either the white man or the Indian's world. Most of the captives that survived became Indian at heart and never quite reconciled to white society, remaining tragically adrift between two very different worlds. Zesch has successfully revealed the more serious side to being a white captive in the early to late 1800’s....
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