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barriers to ecofest

barriers to ecofest - as it became necessary to try to...

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Internal barriers are often the most powerful preventative forces. Considering a theory such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a human would be in constant pursuit of a higher order need, such as hunger, thirst, or rest, should the biological lust not be properly satiated. In such a case, focusing on an external factor with these drives unmet will result in distraction. While watching ecofest, the desire of thirst presented a significant barrier to concentration. The biological effects of thirst became increasingly pronounced as the need was not met. Shifting focus from the presentation to the drying of lips and throat was a valid psychological response that presented an internal barrier that became increasingly difficult to ignore. An external barrier presents a more behavioristically forceful effect. The chatter from the people who surrounded me made attention to the presentation significantly more difficult. As a result of the ambient noise, a great deal of the verbal presentation was lost
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Unformatted text preview: as it became necessary to try to “hear over” the voices during the session surrounding resource depletion. Its impact became even clearer as growing frustration began to mount as a result of this external barrier. Ironically, the focus then shifted to this frustration, an internal barrier, as a result of external, environmental influences. Attitudinal barriers are likely the most complex of the three as they do not represent any biological or environmental source yet are often the barriers most difficult to ignore. Environmental activists are typically plagued by a perception of endlessly repeating the same talking points. There was a strong feeling of having heard everything that was discussed before. The ecofest subjects of resource depletion and ozone layer loss have been talked about at length in the media, so the information immediately felt redundant....
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