Suppositories - Suppositories are solid, bullet-shaped...

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Suppositories are solid, bullet-shaped units of medication generally designed for insertion directly into the back passage of the rectum (into the anus) although preparations for the ear, nose, urethra, and vagina have also been developed. They are typically made from solid vegetable oil that contains the needed medicine 1 . The suppository is designed to dissolve at body temperature and gradually spread across the lining of the lower bowel (rectum) to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the rich supply of blood vessels in the area 2 . The lower bowel is particularly suited to absorb medication due to this high concentration of vessels 3 . Suppositories are considered for use in patients who need local action in the rectum such as for constipation, colitis, or hemorrhoids, or if an alternative to oral medication is needed. An example of the latter case is a patient who is too nauseous to keep an oral medication down long enough to be absorbed by the stomach lining, if there has been trauma to the esophagus, or if the patient is simply uncooperative 4 . The rectum is a particularly attractive site for drug delivery.
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Suppositories - Suppositories are solid, bullet-shaped...

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