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meat packing

meat packing - As you have requested I have taken the last...

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As you have requested, I have taken the last several days to look over the latest market analysis for this meat processing plant. I looked into facets of the plant such as worker satisfaction, attrition rate, consumer satisfaction, profit margin, market control, growth potential, and goods production and am pleased to report that the overall outlook is very positive. Several aspects of this company have received an exemplary rating, and given the constant increase in profit experienced in the past several quarters, it follows that recent changes have greatly improved our product. In my analysis, I have also come across certain areas that may be further enhanced to further strengthen our control of the market and increase profitability. The first area I explored was worker satisfaction. To determine the overall happiness of our employees, I utilized three main factors: an analysis of worker output, a survey of a sampling of plant workers, and an examination of our attrition rate. The first of the three yielded an interesting array of results. I found that newer workers on the whole tend to be more pleased with the working conditions and work harder, longer, and for less pay than do those that have been with us for a while. More tenured workers tend to suffer from a larger variety of health problems, take more frequent breaks, and make a larger number of mistakes. In addition, they also tend to be paid more. It is my recommendation that the management perform a review of workers and fire those who are not able to put forth a satisfactory level of work. There are a number of people looking for a job in the plant every day that could easily replace the workers that have to be let go. These reviews should be performed constantly and workers who are unable to keep up with the load should be relieved on the spot with a fresher individual to replace them the same day. I see no potential problems with this new plan when it comes to
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profitability or goods output. My second analysis of worker satisfaction was in the form of worker surveys.
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meat packing - As you have requested I have taken the last...

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