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blogs positive - In the years predating the Internet media...

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In the years predating the Internet, media report used to be a realm inhabited solely by those employed by news agencies. These agencies, whether in print, on television, or on the radio, spend a substantial amount of money on broadcasting fees or printing fees. As a result, reporting was only done by companies’ employees. By extension, because only a handful of companies were in charge of the media, only a handful of perspectives were represent. This all ended with the ushering in of the new Internet era. With the introduction of a world wide web, it was suddenly possible for individuals to spend very little to own their own personal space. Following the growth of the web and the emergence of several websites offering free web space to customers in exchange for advertising room, individuals were able to maintain their own Internet presence with no out-of-pocket expense. It was not long until people started maintaining online journals using this free space. Eventually, these journals became a way to share and spread opinions about certain things, whether political or not. By 1998, only a handful of these sites existed (Librarianship, 1). When the term ‘weblog’ was in its infancy, a cataloging service that kept track of the number of blogs in existence listed only 23 that have survived since the beginning of 1999 (Librarianship, 2). After some time, an editor named Brigitte Eaton started her own list of weblogs that met that simple requirement of featuring dated entries. As online entities began to respond to the explosion of interest in the world of blogging, new coding technologies were created that made the process even easier (McCullagh, 2).
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blogs positive - In the years predating the Internet media...

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