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Parenting Styles - Important Terms a. Terms used for...

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Important Terms a. Terms used for discipline orientation i. Love – Parents utilize relational discipline 8 o Value parent-child friendship relationship o Rely on communicating, negotiating, and reasoning o Value on “increasing child’s self esteem” and “making them feel special” ii. Limits – Parents utilize action discipline 8 o Utilize external control to teach right from wrong o Value on “teaching respect” and “providing structure” b. Goodness of fit – harmony between child’s temperament and parenting style. Parents attuned to their child’s temperament will act more harmoniously with the child 6 c. Emotion coaching – Five-step approach to parenting that can help forge stronger family bonds while preparing children to cope with emotion Four General Styles of Parenting a. Rejecting/Neglecting (low love and low limits) also: Dismissing i. Behavior controlled by ineffective means such as yelling verbal threats that are not realistic or not carried through 4 ii. Characterized by a measure of control of child over parent 2 iii. Parent response often over-escalates to more severe threats or physical punishment 1 b. Authoritarian (low love and high limits) also: Disapproving
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i. Stresses obedience to authority 1 ii. Pours “correct” information into “empty vassal” of a child 3 iii. Misbehavior is strictly punished 5 c. Permissive (high love and low limits) also: Laissez-Faire i. Children encouraged to think for themselves, avoid inhibitions, and not value conformity 3 ii. Parents act “hands-off”, instead allowing child to learn from the
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Parenting Styles - Important Terms a. Terms used for...

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