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Final Projekt - Der Glckliche I.1. The night train of the...

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Der Glückliche I.1. The night train of the Swiss Federal Railway traveled in a determined northern direction. That’s how usual the beginning of our story is. The lights outside the windows of the train car wrote a line in the darkness. The lights ran dead straight at times and at times they swayed. From great heights, they looked like a luminescent snake against the dark landscape background. The man, with whom we intend to concern ourselves, stood in the corridor of the second sleeping car, a bottle of mineral water in his hand, whose plastic crinkled every time he drank from it. At first glance, he seemed younger than he was. On the one hand, this was because of his clothing, which fit perfectly, but was meant for younger men. Above all, however, it was because of his upstanding, self-confident posture that led to the assumption that he played sports regularly. However, This Studer, the man’s name, who we are accompaning on this journey, is a lethargic, lazy man that doesn’t like to move. And at second glance, we thoroughly see his 48 years. By the way, there is nothing special about him. Nevertheless, should we attempt to describe him? He is one of those men, whose look can’t be remembered exactly, even though he doesn’t have a common face; or does he? At best, one remembers the bump on the ridge of his nose, his pointed sideburns or that he is big and hefty and tends to lean slightly forward when walking like a ski jumper that is about to take off from a platform. The most noticeable thing about him certainly is his smile, which is perhaps the reason for the folds and little creases that spread around his eyes like a wreath. Or does one perhaps merely imagine these folds, these scars of happiness, in memory?
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Final Projekt - Der Glckliche I.1. The night train of the...

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