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ANTH 2020 Freaks paper - William Amrhein 1/27/08 Freaks...

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William Amrhein 1/27/08 Freaks Reaction Paper Summary Tod Browning’s 1932 film Freaks is quite an eye-opener, and was understandably controversial in its time. It is an analysis of the interactions between the “freaks” in a traveling circus and the “normal” people. The “freaks” include a midget couple, Hans and Frieda, that are part of a cruel game by some of the “normal” people. One of these “normal” people being a beautiful trapeze artist, Cleopatra, who coerces Hans to think about infidelity by representing a phony crush on the midget, and the other a large, strong fellow named Hercules. The original purpose of the fake interest that Cleopatra shows Hans is to give her and her lover Hercules a laugh. When Hans’ lover Frieda catches wind of the affair, she presumes that Cleopatra is after Hans’ great fortune that awaits him. She confronts Cleopatra trying to stop her from playing with the poor little man’s heart, and the fact that he has an abundance of money waiting for him slips her tongue, which catches the attention of Hercules and Cleopatra. They then devise a plan where Cleopatra will marry Hans and they take his fortune for themselves. The whole time this is happening, Browning shows the relationship between Phroso the Clown, a handsome man who has a great relationship with all the freaks, including the Siamese twins and those that are deformed. He also sparks a relationship
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ANTH 2020 Freaks paper - William Amrhein 1/27/08 Freaks...

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