ANTH 2020 response #4

ANTH 2020 response #4 - William Amrhein Reaction Paper #4...

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William Amrhein Reaction Paper #4 4/1/08 Summary: Keita’s Conceptualizing Human Variation discusses the semantics of race, and how different contexts lead to different understandings of what racial difference is. It discusses the idea of ‘races’ as ‘subspecies,’ and discusses whether human racial variations fit this definition. The conclusion is that the taxa from common racial classifications do not qualify. Rick Reilly’s White Like Me explores the injustice that arises in the disparity between the reaction to black-on-white racism compared to white-on-black. He gives examples of clear racism from the black perspective that was never considered worthy of a fine or apology. Collins’ article contains information regarding a meeting held about genetics and race at Howard University, where he introduces the idea that there are some genome predictors for some aspects of race (geographical distribution), but that the line blurs because of so many non-genetic ideas involved in defining race. The Vitiligo Story describes a disease that turned a black-American, Jeffery Stanton Bell, white-skinned from head to toe. Relethford’s Ch. 13 further reiterates the different elements that are not tied to genetics that are often tied to race. It immediately eliminates religion and nationality from the argument, and discusses the value of biological race. The chapter discounts the idea of human subspecies, like in Gorilla populations, saying that human’s widespread
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ANTH 2020 response #4 - William Amrhein Reaction Paper #4...

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