ANTH 2020 Recation 4

ANTH 2020 Recation 4 - William Amrhein ANTH 2020, Sex and...

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William Amrhein ANTH 2020, Sex and Gender Response 4/13/08 One of Fausto-Sterling’s article, Two Sexes Are not Enough discusses the importance of gender roles in our society. Many aspects and laws in our world rely on the ability to make a clear distinction as to the gender of an individual, which Fausto-Sterling argues that, like race, exists on a continuum that doesn’t support the current two-group system. His other article correlates with the first, taking a linguistic approach, arguing that objective research could be conducted with the inclusion of three extra inter-sex races with the usual two, male and female. Like the first article, it illustrates the need with the example of Levi Suydam, an androgynous individual who was famously allowed to vote in a Connecticut election, despite being considered more female than male (due to some non-biological factors). Kraemer’s article introduces the fact that the Y chromosome is more likely to fertilize the egg because it is faster, and more vulnerable as an embryo. Since the x- chromosome itself is stronger than the y-chromosome, a male has a greater chance for various types of prenatal and developmental difficulties. Also, after birth, a female is several weeks more mature than a male infant. The social issue of males’ assumed strength and toughness interact with the biological reasons for male vulnerability to further increase their susceptibility to health problems. M. Beck’s article gives a first-person example of someone who has struggled with
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ANTH 2020 Recation 4 - William Amrhein ANTH 2020, Sex and...

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