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Engl 3000 Paper II

Engl 3000 Paper II - William Amrhein ENGL 3000 Paper II...

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William Amrhein ENGL 3000, Paper II Teresa Nugent 4/11/08 Shakespeare’s Distinct Analyses of Political Failure Shakespeare’s historical plays show his fascination with the negative effects ambitious and unreserved behavior can have on a leader. He rightly believed that leaders are often irresponsible with the abundant power they’ve been given. His skepticism about new leaders is not unlike the conspirators’ ideas about their leader in Julius Ceasar , who engage on an unwarranted quest to bring the loved Julius down. However, in most of his plays, he justifies his immediate wariness towards new kings with reprehensibly deceitful and evil characters like Macbeth and Richard III. The tragedies of these two individuals show the horrendous progression of power-hungry kingships, through initial gratification, then paranoia and murder, and, inevitably, their undoing. In these two plays, Shakespeare approaches his perspective through two unique individuals, Richard III being a truly maniacal, yet fascinating, king who organizes his own political rise by furtively playing two different roles, and Macbeth being a puppet in the evil schemes of his wife. Both prove to be equally dangerous, as both are unable to remain in the web of lies they have created, and start to unravel due to supernatural omens and mistrust. In the beginning of a new post-Elizabethan era, Shakespeare reflected his own ideals, as well as his country’s, about the capabilities of an ill-advised leader, in essence creating political propaganda to use his plays’ popularity to promote what he believed to be the appropriate course of action.
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Throughout the plays
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