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Amrhein 1 William Amrhein SLHS 3106, Hot Technology Essay 12/7/07 Background Noise Reduction Recently, there has been an extreme acceleration within the hearing aid industry towards developing and understanding hearing aids that claim to utilize background noise reduction, or digital noise reduction (DNR). Through the years, this has been one of the foremost challenges when dealing with hearing aids, as simple amplitude modulation is not very affective in situations with noise. If there is noise competition in your environment, and the sound levels of all sounds are increased, than it can cause a serious problem when it comes to comprehension. However, now that there are devices that exhibit this newfound technology, it is possible to significantly improve the Acceptable Noise Level (ANL), thus bettering the overall capabilities and benefits for the patient that requires the care. (Mueller 83.) In order to aid this problem of background noise, a device has to be available to improve the ANL, which is done either actively or passively. In order to do this, the device has to pick up the signal and increase its sound level in respect to the background noise. This is a daunting task, and has only been possible in the last few years. One way this can be done is audio expansion where a device simply decreases the level of amplification of lower level sounds. Sounds that are lower than the average level of long- term speech are not amplified as much as sounds that are introduced to the filter that are more in the normal range for speech. Therefore, since the background noise is not as amplified as the higher level speech signal, there is a significant improvement in hearing
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Amrhein 2 these speech sounds, even with noise competition. This is considered a passive method
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SLHS 3106 essay - Amrhein 1 William Amrhein SLHS 3106, Hot...

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