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Unformatted text preview: 12-4-07 SLHS 2010 TRANSDUCTION -Changing sound energy from 1 form to another -Ear takes sound and transduces it: -Acoustic mechanical energy (middle ear) -Mechanical electrochemical (or neural) energy (inner ear) INNER EAR PRIMARY FUNCTION: -Transduce vibrations (for hearing) or movement (for balance) into neural impulses -Brain uses neural info for perception )detection; discrimination; id) COCHLEA -Contains hearing organ -Fluid Filled -Snail-like shape (2 turns) -Lies within temporal bone of skull. MOVEMENT OF BASILAR MEMBRANE -Vibration of stapes (& oval window) moves the cochlear fluid. TRAVELLING WAVES ON THE BASILAR MEMBRANE -Travelling wave: PATTERN of movement along Basilar Membrane TONOTOPIC ORGANIZATION -FREQUENCY organized by place along BM -Each point on BM tuned to different freq. -Travelling waves of -High frequencies PEAK near BASE -Low frequencies PEAK near APEX What contributes to Tonotopic Org.? -Mechanical properties of BM -Stiffness Gradient Base is stiff, Apex is less stiff -Width of BM- Base is narrow, apex is wide. ...
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