11 - -Discrimination-Are the sounds the same or...

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Pitch of Complex Periodic Sounds -Complex Soundes > 1 frequency -Periodic :Repeats (F0 & different harmonics) -What pitch hear – Depends on lowest component. -Synthetic Listening- Combine Sounds into single percept Pitch of Complex Periodic Sounds (listening sunthetically -Pitch corresponds to the F0, even if the fundamental frequency is not present in the sound. (Missing Fundamental. Challenges to measuring perception -B.c subjective – more variable than physical measurements -Sifferent people different sensitivity -Same person respond differently on different levels Listening Hierarchy -Detection -Are sounds present or absent
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Unformatted text preview: -Discrimination-Are the sounds the same or different-Recognition-What are the sounds? Detecion of sound IS sound present?-Absolute threshold hearging-20-20K Hz Discrimination-Are sounds different from each other?-Differential threshold or just-noticeable difference (jnd) : how small change in stimulus listener detects. Importance of Discrimination-Cant understand speech unless tell different speech sounds apart. Cocktail-Party Problem-Perceive an acoustic environment with separate sound sources BUT signal reaching ears complex mix of all sounds in environment-Need to organize this pitch! Detection and Discrimination...
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11 - -Discrimination-Are the sounds the same or...

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