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Global warming 2_notes - SAS 5 Crisis in the Environment?...

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SAS 5 – Crisis in the Environment? Topic 2 – Global Climate Change: Effects Global warming is predicted to increase temperatures by 1 - 3.5 o C as a global average by 2100. Temperature changes are expected to be small at the equator and up to 5 – 10 o C at the poles. Changes in precipitation will be highly variable on a global scale. Human health Heat waves – biggest threat to human-health related to extreme weather events. Increased smog and respiratory problems Increased injuries due to extreme weather events (hurricanes, tornados, floods) Increased health problems from other pollutants (ozone, particulate matter) due to higher energy consumption for air conditioning Increase of mosquito transmitted diseases (West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, Rift Valley fever); other diseases: Hanta virus, cholera Increased prevalence of mental health issues (e.g., depression) Immigration patterns may change Sea level Most estimates are for a 20-100 cm increase in sea level by 2100; great uncertainty. - due to thermal expansion of water with increasing temperature - due to melting on snow/ice on land surfaces (melting of floating ice has no effect) West Antarctica ice sheet is unstable and would result in a +20 foot increase in sea level. East Antarctica ice sheet is currently stable but could result in a +200 foot increase in sea level. More than 50% of the Netherlands in currently below sea level and they are spending $25 billion to prepare for rising sea levels. Many coastal areas will suffer – Pacific Islands, Florida, etc. Increasing sea levels will also contribute to increased coastal erosion (for each +1 foot rise, we will lose about 100 feet of coastline to erosion).
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Global warming 2_notes - SAS 5 Crisis in the Environment?...

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