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MST termpaper - Media Reform Aristotle's vision of the...

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-1 Media Reform Aristotle’s vision of the ideal state is one where all citizens are educated to be virtuous and are constantly striving to maximize their full potential. He believes when people capitalize on their own innate talents, both society and the individual will thrive. The best kind of life, he says, is one devoted to improving society through politics and philosophy, while the primary function of the state is to facilitate happiness. Plato’s political beliefs are more centered around social order, hierarchy and training. He advocates for a class driven society where the most virtuous and well- educated should govern the people. The best state promotes peace among the various social groups, enabling each of them to benefit from and contribute to the common good. One contemporary social issue that negates both Aristotle and Plato’s interpretation of ideal states is the excessive influence of money and power in the American media. During Aristotle and Plato’s time, citizens made political decisions based on unbiased information gathered by attending debates and listening to different speakers share their points of view. Today the average American spends almost twelve hours consuming some form of media information every day. That information however is presented to us by the mere five
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MST termpaper - Media Reform Aristotle's vision of the...

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