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-1 Chloe Scott The Republic is one of the worlds most influential pieces of philosophical literature that examines the concept of natural class structures within society. It utilizes Plato and Aristotle to explore the various means for the creation of an excellent society. Both men believed it necessary to identify classes of people within society due to the fact that everyone is born with different levels of intelligence. They feared having uneducated people make wrong decisions for their cities which revealed their fundamental mistrust of democracy. As Plato taught Aristotle at The Academy, their friendship blossomed into a stimulating exchange of wisdom and theories about life, yet many of their ideas about democracy strongly differed. Aristotle’s ideal state was one ruled by the middle class that centered it’s philosophy around the pursuit of equality. He thought people should be able to live freely without interference from the state. He argued that most talents could be developed and also that people were born as either masters or slaves. Slaves, he said, symbolized power of the body, while masters symbolized power of the mind. He considered the greatest
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phil esay - Chloe Scott Philosophy & Society Essay 1...

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