sex review - Rubin's ideological formations: 1) SEX...

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-1 Rubin’s ideological formations: 1) SEX NEGATIVITY: sex is considered dangerous, destructive and suspicious. It needs to be justified or redeemed. 2) HIERARCHICAL EVALUATION OF SEX ACTS: some types of sex acts are viewed as more acceptable. Heterosexuality and monogamy are on top of the hierarchy. 3) FALACY OF MISPLACED SCLAE: we evaluate sex on a scale that is vastly different from how any other aspect of life is evaluated. 4) DOMINO THEORY OF SEXUAL PERIL: if gays are accepted than all sorts of other kinky things will be accepted too. 5) LACK OF THE CONCEPT OF BENIGN VARIATION: any deviation from sexual norms need to be justified. 6) SEXUAL ESSENTIALISM: sexuality doesn’t have a history, it’s a simple fact and a part of human nature. Rubin’s ideological formations are significant because they perpetuate societies beliefs about what’s normal in terms of human sexuality. She suggests we need to transcend these ideological formations in order to enable change and break the hierarchy of sexual acts. She argues for a new democratic sexual morality in its place which believes sexual acts should be judged by 1) the way partners treat each other 2) the level of mutual consideration 3) the presence or absence of coercion and 4) the quantity or quality of the pleasures the sex acts provide. She advances this alternative because she disagrees with the currently accepted view that only approves of heterosexual, monogamous, procreative sex. She claims sex is a vector of oppression because it’s a way for people to oppress other people who don’t fit into the sexual hierarchy of ‘normal’ sexual behavior. Rubin argues for a paradigm shift in how we view sexuality towards democratic sexual morality. Elliot Spitzer had sex with a prostitute and got kicked out of office which proves sex is political. More people also went to jail from McCarthyism because of sexual preference than because of communism. Sex is a vector of oppression because it creates jobs and self satisfaction for vice police, prison officials, psychiatrists and social workers. People being jailed for sodomy is an example of sexual politics.
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sex review - Rubin's ideological formations: 1) SEX...

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