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Sarah Shelden LAI 350 – Introduction to Education Observation Paper 16 In a senior high chorus class I observed a class in which students practiced various songs for an up coming performance. The class began with a few warm up practices. The teacher took time to have the chorus to work together and then had each section; alto, soprano, tenor, and bass, warm up individually. The teacher then had students get out music and focused on specific parts of the piece. Different sections usually worked independently with the teacher, and then she would combine two sections to sing together what they had just spent time working on. The teacher changed songs throughout the class to try and keep students focused. It is obviously useful in chorus for the teacher to break down the song and work with each range of voices independently, but this teacher had little control over the rest of
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Unformatted text preview: the class when she was not specifically working with them. Students would be on their cell phones, talking, doing school work. Sometimes it was fairly difficult to even hear who was singing. The teacher would make moderate attempts at asking students to settle down, but within a matter of minutes the noise level was back at its original state. She often seemed unorganized and in switching the songs so frequently it is hard to imagine that the students retain what the teacher just reviewed. What I also thought was fairly ineffective was that when the group that the teacher was working with would stop paying attention and the teacher was ready to begin she would hit the same note on the key board over and over again until the students finally started paying attention....
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