LAI 350 Observation Paper 9

LAI 350 Observation Paper 9 - She then hands out another...

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Sarah Shelden LAI 350 – Introduction to Education Observation Paper 9 In a seventh grade French class the teacher began class by handing out a worksheet with environmental words. Students work silently, occasionally using the dictionary to look up word that are unfamiliar or that they don’t remember. After a few minutes the teacher gets started by saying the French word, having the students repeat it, and then giving them the English translation. This routine continues through half the worksheet. She stops for a minute to ask what questions a group of vocabulary words would answer, as in, why they need to know these words. The teacher then has the students give the English translation, with them still repeating the French after her. As the number of students responding begins to dwindle, the teacher emphasizes those words stronger and relates some of the vocabulary to words they already know. She tells the students that in three days they will have a quiz on these terms.
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Unformatted text preview: She then hands out another vocabulary sheets, which she says is the master vocabulary list for this unit. Students are then encouraged to work together to define these new words. The teacher then sits down at her computer as students get to work. She does seem to pay attention to some discussions as she adds a comment to one groups discussion about one of the words. As students leave she offers each of them a piece of candy for their work today. The students in this class are clearly under challenged in this lesson. Few seem engaged as the teacher makes no emphasis to scaffold her teaching to a degree that is beneficial to the students. Some students dont even bother to repeat the vocabulary word after the teacher says it. She makes hardly any effort to relate the vocabulary words to any outside relevance. Students are rewarded for using a dictionary rather than independent thought....
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LAI 350 Observation Paper 9 - She then hands out another...

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