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LAI 350 Observation Paper 14

LAI 350 Observation Paper 14 - The teacher then focuses on...

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Sarah Shelden LAI 350 – Introduction to Education Observation Paper 14 In an extremely physically and emotionally handicapped class I observed their daily routine which emphasizes stimulation and socialization. The class sits around in a circle and the teacher goes around the circle with a ‘teacher assistant’ and asks the students to point at a picture which describes the weather outside. The students can pick from clouds, sun, snow, or rain. He phrases the question the same each time, keeping the activity consistent. Once he finishes asking the students he reviews about their answers and talks about the weather over the past few days, referencing a graph the class made with a picture of each of the days weather. He gives the students a break, giving aides’ time to get them whatever they need or adjust them in their wheelchair. He then has the students come back to morning circle, and the students get ready for realization time.
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Unformatted text preview: The teacher then focuses on sensory stimulation, he specially, works with a boy rolling a yoga ball across his back as he lies on the ground. An aide works with he students rubbing a back rubber on her arms and legs. He informs me that they use a number of techniques to calm children down. He also says that he understands the various stages it takes specific students to calm down. The teacher seems very in tuned to his students needs. He keeps to a schedule, and doesn’t alter student’s expectations of what is coming next. He picks up on the subtleties of the students relaxing stages. It did seem to me that his weather lesson was focused towards his one student, and that the teacher paid the most attention to him, throughout my time there. Yet, it seemed like the aides were there to add to his lesson as they were encouraging and provided the care the students needed....
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