LAI 350 Observation Paper 15

LAI 350 Observation Paper 15 - they seemed pleased with...

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Sarah Shelden LAI 350 – Introduction to Education Observation Paper 15 In an all girls’ class of about 12 low functioning students, I observed a class in which they were working on fine motor skills and some life functions. The girls sat around a table and had a competition I which they had to use tongs to transfer several blocks from one bowl to another. The teacher had the class cheer on peers as the race went on, being especially encouraging if a student was having a hard time. The teacher was very open and friendly, making sure they didn’t cheat. When a student tried to leave the middle of the game the teacher simply smiled at her and asked the student if she would like to come sit by her. The teacher then used me as a way to have the students take time and introduce themselves, stating their name, age, and where they live. Even though it took a while for the girls to sound everything out, once they said everything
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Unformatted text preview: they seemed pleased with themselves and the teacher offered continued support and reinforcement. She made sure each student was done talking before someone else took their turn. I think this class creates and fun and desirable way to learn. The teacher is sincere in her encouragement and creates unique ways for the students to learn. Students stay focused as they anticipate their turn. She is confident that they can complete the tasks she sets up for them and offers paths towards completing the goal. When students may have had a hard time pronouncing their town, she would slowly start the word to help them. The girls seem happy and excited to tell me about themselves and were quick to challenge me to join the race. The teacher has helped build confidence as well as skills that can be transferred to life outside the classroom....
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LAI 350 Observation Paper 15 - they seemed pleased with...

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