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Organic Chemistry c3444y Problem Set 4 - β -dicarbonyls, Claisen/Dieckmann Condensations 1. Propose a synthesis to accomplish the following transformation. EtO OEt O O 2. O NMe 2 NC CN OMe O O Propose a synthesis of the following β -ketoester from the illustrated dinitrile. CO 2 Me CO 2 Me 3. 2. H 3 O + (just a quench). Predict the major product of the following reaction sequence:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. NaOMe, MeOH 4. Predict the major product (clearly indicating the relative stereochemistry!) of the following aldol reaction and rationalize your answer with a clear drawing of a proposed transition state. O LDA Ph H O H 3 O +...
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