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1 ECE/CS 314 spring 2007 Section 1 Lab Account and Support To create an account and gain access to the lab machines we will be using in ECE/CS 314 you need to go to For help regarding account creation and account maintenance please go to and/or email [email protected] The IT staff for ECE can be reached through If it’s something simple your section TA may be able to help you out Useful software Some windows software you may find useful for accessing the linuxpool from home: Putty – A lightweight ssh terminal program, no installation required, just download the executable Xwin32 – Graphical interface to UNIX/Linux machines. Cornell ECE has a site license to that allows access to school machines. Get a copy from Cluster Login From UNIX/Linux (PH 329) Log into one of the workstations using your username and password Open a terminal. Type ‘ssh’ If you need to forward an X-window screen (e.g. to use ‘gmipc’ remotely), then you’d need an option ‘-Y’ or ‘-X’. Try ‘ssh –Y’ or ‘ssh –X’ From a Windows machine (PH 318) Start X-win32 (found under Start -> Class Files -> Xwin32-8.0 ) Double click on the X icon in the system tray. Select ‘My Sessions’ and click the ‘Wizard’ button. Call it linuxpool and pick StartNetSSH as the type. Put as the hostname. Put your ECE username and password. Then click ‘Linux’ and the finish button. Click the launch button. If a Kerberos prompt comes up, you can either click cancel, or else enter your NetID and Cornell password (not your ECE one). An xterm comes up and you should now be able to run xemacs, gmipc, etc. Basic UNIX Commands ‘cd dir ’ -- Changes the current directory to dir , which can be either a subdirectory of the current directory, or a complete path. Typing 'cd' with no parameter changes the current directory to the main folder (“home directory”) of the user. See the “ Paths in UNIX ” section for more info. ‘ls’ -- Lists files in the current directory. -l gives more information on each file. -a lists all files, including hidden files. ll -- Lists all files in the current directory with extended information. ‘cp source dest ’ -- Copies the file source into the file or directory dest . ‘mkdir dirname ’ -- Creates dirname as a subdirectory in the current directory. ‘rmdir dirname ’ -- Removes directory dirname . The directory must be empty first. ‘rm
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ece314_sec1_TA - ECE/CS 314 spring 2007 Section 1 Lab...

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