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HIS 163 study guide chap one - Ferdinand& Isabella...

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HIS 163 Spring 2007 Text: Created Equal , Vol. One, Brief Edition Study guide for the survey the term piracy can be defined as simply what it was – but the point is to recall that the English and French governments supported piracy against the Spanish. Also that early English settlements at Roanoke and Jamestown were initiated as bases to support piracy against the Spanish because the English were weaker than the Spanish militarily and financially in the earliest years of settlement. there will likely be questions that ask you to put events in the proper order – not by exact date but, for example, to be clear that the people of Chaco Canyon flourished before the arrival of Columbus. Chapter One: First Founders - Terms Empire of Extraction Berengia Maize Mesoamerica Maya Aztec Anasazi Chaco Canyon pueblo Pueblo Bonita Cahokia Turquoise Vinland
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Unformatted text preview: Ferdinand & Isabella Treaty of Tordesillas Christopher Columbus Columbian Exchange Hernan Cortes Magellan Francisco Coronado Protestants Jesuits Counter-Reformation Elizabeth I Roanoke Pizzaro Incas 1. How and approximately when did the first humans get to North America? 2. Which areas of North America were claimed/controlled by Spain/England/France? What item or crop did each nation’s first settlements send back to Europe? 3. Why did Europeans seek a sea route to Asia? 4. What was the role of religion in shaping European conflicts in the New World? 5. What was the Columbian Exchange and how did it change both the New and Old Worlds? 6. What is monumentalism and how has it shaped the way historians view indigenous peoples? 7. How did Spanish brutality and Indians’ high death rate effect the West Indies?...
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  • Americas, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Pizzaro Berengia Mesoamerica Aztec pueblo Cahokia Vinland Treaty of Tordesillas

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