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Study Guide Chapter 8: New Beginnings: the 1780s Terms: Alexander Hamilton Newburgh Conspiracy Society of Cincinnati Noah Webster Jedidiah Morse Daniel Boone Land Ordinance of 1785 Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Shay’s Rebellion Constitutional Convention Electoral College Indirect election of Senators New Jersey Plan Virginia Plan Three-Fifths Compromise Bill of Rights Great Compromise Ratification Federalist Papers James Madison Anti-Federalist Federalist 1. How did a smallpox epidemic impact the American colonies, the war, and Native Americans across the continent? 2. How would you describe the security of the new American state in 1783? 3. What motivated Noah Webster to produce a dictionary and Jedidiah Morse a geography text and others to rename streets and counties in the postwar period? 4. Why did Spain resent the southern border the British had settled on in the Treaty of Paris? Why did access to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi become such a hot issue?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What did British defeat mean for Native Americans living in the now independent southern states and northwest territories? 6. Why were to Land Ordinances of 1785 and 1787 different what had happened that changed the way Congress saw this region? 7. How did delegates to the constitutional convention view the conflicts between debtors and creditors? Why did they want to increase federal power? 8. How can the arrangements of the Constitution be seen as a check on the power of the people? How did the election of the president and all senators reflect this idea? 9. Who were the Federalists? The Anti-Federalists? Significance of the Federalist Papers? Only 100K of 3 million people voted for the constitution. 7% of adult population. 10. How did the framers compromise over the issue of slavery? 11. Why would anyone be against a Bill of Rights?...
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