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Study_Guide_for_Chap - Study Guide for Chapter Six The Limits of Imperial Control 1763-1775 Terms Loyalist or Tory Continental Congress General

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Study Guide for Chapter Six: The Limits of Imperial Control, 1763-1775 Terms: Loyalist or Tory Whig or Patriot Continental Congress Capt. James Cook General Jeffrey Amherst Pontiac’s War Neolin or Delaware Prophet Proclamation Line of 1763 Stamp Act Patrick Henry Sons of Liberty Declaratory Act “Rage of the People” Regulators Townshend Duties Samuel Adams Boston Massacre Boston Tea Party Committees of Correspondence Tea Act Intolerable Acts/Coercive Acts Paul Revere Lexington and Concord 1. After the Seven Years War ended in 1763 who controlled the area west of the Mississippi? Which nation was defeated and no longer controlled any territory in North America? What drew the Russians to the western coast of North America? 2. Why is it important to note the late date of Spanish settlement of the California coast? 3. Why did British conduct after the Seven Year’s War trigger a massive Indian revolt?
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