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September 28, 2007 History 111 1. The subject of a personal account is the author of the piece. 2. The form of the account influences the length and details of the subject matter. If the writing tools are hard to come by then the account is going to way shorter than if they were writing on a computer. Also, if it is intended to be read by another individual then the author might offer some bias than if they are the only ones that will read it in a diary form. 3. The motivation for a personal account comes from having some kind of inspiration. This inspiration could come through hardship, or just wanting to
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Unformatted text preview: inform people about ones life, or just wanting to record ones own events. 4. The account could of reached the reader through many different forms, a published book, a diary found at a site, or a compilation of works that have to be compiled. 5. Personal accounts contribute to historians understanding different aspects of life in the given time period, it can show how things actually are versus how the people in power want things to be conveyed. It gives a voice to those that arent always heard....
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