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October 18, 2007 History 111 1. The Good Earth can be considered an accurate source for understanding Chinese history at this time. The author, Buck, tries to parallel the economic contrasts that are evident in the story to the real life situations taking place at that time period. The Good Earth shows how the opium is used by the rich, and eventually destroys their lives; a common trend during this time. Meanwhile, the poor appreciate the land and just struggle to survive off of their crops. 2. I also believe that the Spence reading is an accurate source for
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Unformatted text preview: understanding the history of the United States at this time. I believe that if the Chinese left China to the United States that they would be racially profiled in addition to being judged for leaving there home country. To the Americans it means that America is better than China, it is the only logical reason why one would make the journey. I believe that this could have greatly contributed to more of the racial profiling as time progressed....
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