hist 10-26 - respective body of land. If I was in the...

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October 25, 2007 History 111 1. The Japanese intended to take over China to raise their own power and create a unified Asia by establishing sphere’s of power. Japan planned to let the people have some rule, but Japan would basically have final say on everything to develop economically and politically. Meanwhile, the United States wanted everyone in the pacific to respect the sovereignty of their neighboring countries, and to have free trade practices. 2. If I was a Chinese government I would hate the initial document released by Japan. I would dislike how an outside power would want to come in and take over my nation because they believe they can perform a better job. I would also support the United States view on respecting each country’s rule over their
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Unformatted text preview: respective body of land. If I was in the Japanese government I would be ironically offended about how the United States government is trying to tell me how to run my country. I would support the conquest of China to further my own power and to give Asia a fighting chance to compete with the Western powers. If I was a member of the United States government I would be annoyed at the Japanese’s arrogance thinking that they know what is best for themselves and for China. I would be annoyed that Japan wants something for a war that they started without just cause. I would feel like we are not speaking the same language, figuratively....
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hist 10-26 - respective body of land. If I was in the...

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