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November 19, 2007 History 111 1. The major similarity I see in all of the conflicts is the continued growth of Israel through fighting. Israel’s neighbors did not care for how Israel was created and in an effort to regain lands that they believed were stolen from them, out of European guilt, they wage war in an effort to regain this land, and as a result Israel consistently won the battles and gained more land. 2. I feel that a majority of the blame can be attributed to lingering effects of imperial expansion and colonization. Britain was unable to resolve the conflicts that existed in present day Israel and this led to the nation to be forcefully formed. Also a large number of Jewish people were displaced and migrated to what is
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Unformatted text preview: present day Israel because of the “European War”. 3. No, I believe that some of the blame can be attributed to circumstance rather than just the people involved in the situation. 4. The conflicts are hard to resolve because they have religious backing. Also, people feel like something was stolen from them, and the only way to get closer is to recover what was stolen. And on the other thing is that it is hard to take something back once it is given, especially considering so many Jewish people migrated to the area because they believed that they would not be accepted anywhere else....
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