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9/14/07 History 111 Assignment 2 J. H. Elliott emphasizes the similarities of the Spanish and British conquests in the new world in Empires of the Atlantic World. The English followed the ideas of conquer and commerce as seen with the regions of Scotland and Ireland where they took immediate control but did not intertwine cultures in the same ways as Spain. The Castile area was made up of many different cultures but ruled more by accepting the different cultures under its reign. The experienced gained through past practices of conquer and colonization contributed to the success experienced in the Americas. The Americas had different terrains, disconnected from the central ruling body of land, and offered hardships with disease. The Europeans were carriers of disease that infected the natives and severely decreased their population making them extremely easy to conquer. The
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Unformatted text preview: disease spread at a extremely fast rate acting as a catalyst for the Europeans to conquer unexplored territories. After conquering the lands Spain then tried to colonize the Americas. Columbus focused on having the natives adapt the Spanish culture to become active members in the economic aspects of an established colony, but more importantly than establishing trade was to convert and teach the natives the ways of Catholicism. This belief furthered Spanish advancement into the Americas. Once workers were converted Cortes wanted to establish commerce in the territories and used the natives as a cheap method of labor. Charles kept a close watch on the colonies by sending officials over to maintain order and to help the continued success of exploiting the natives natural resources. Spanish success in the Americas influenced Britain to try their luck in the Americas....
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