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September 21, 2007 Assignment 3 1. The Spanish and English empire developed differently because of how each respective central government wished to control the new government in the colony. The Spanish monarchy wanted to establish firm control over the colonies, whereas the English government did not really interfere with the colonies ruling system. 2. The social orderings of the English colonies differed from that of England because of the mortality rate. In the Virginia area there was a 40% mortality rate. Because of this, women were expected to remarry quickly, especially if they were of high status. The Spanish colonies were more like the Indian caste system, where they could only marry someone of a similar standing. Also, they seemed to have an extremely high number of illegitimate children. In an effort to lower the number of bastard children a Spanish law was created, which stated that if two unmarried partners procreated, they were required, by law, to wed. The English colonies
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