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October 26, 2007 Sociology 110 The most obvious instance of a situation when an individual has produced a false emotion to max his surrounding environment is in the movie Wedding Crashers. The protagonist characters made it appear that they were actually being moved by weddings in order to fulfill their hidden agenda to score with women. I practice a similar technique of false emotions when I am at my job. When I’m dealing with a upset customer at sears I make it seem like I care about their situation and truly want to help resolve the problem, but truly I don’t care for the customer at all, I am giving off the illusion that I care so that
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Unformatted text preview: I do not get fired from sears. And, if I truly dont care about the customer I tell them that there is nothing that I personally can do but point them to someone higher up that has the power to rectify the situation. I produce the false emotion by talking to them as if I was talking to my sister or a friend, it gives the illusion that I care without any genuine meaning behind the words. The same way a flight attendant treats a passenger on an airplane....
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