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10-4 soc - one’s view of a person Paul did nothing...

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October 5, 2007 Sociology 110 Paul Finch, a character portrayed by Eddie Kaye Thomas in the 1999 movie American Pie, is a character that doesn’t change his actions, but manages to find a way to change his reputation. Paul Finch was an unpopular kid in high school looking to change his luck with women before senior prom. Paul didn’t want to change the way he acted or be untrue to himself; instead, he hires a female to spread rumors around school to change his image. Paul Finch was doing nothing differently but slowly his image was changing from a loser into a player, a man that does whatever he wants. As a result, Paul Finch had his pick of females to escort to the prom. Unfortunately for Paul Finch though another character wanted to spoil Finch’s reputation, and did so successfully. It appears that factors outside of actions influence
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Unformatted text preview: one’s view of a person. Paul did nothing differently, but was viewed differently, just the way Lincoln did not act differently but the public’s view of them changed. Jesus Christ is another figure that did not act differently, but because he died a martyr the public’s image of him change to that of a savor, a person that is willing to die for your sins. To become a martyr changes the image of an individual, the individual may not have acted differently to become a martyr but the action completely changes one’s image. One is then viewed as doing something greater than oneself, and allow for people to rally behind a common image. The person may not have done anything differently in life, but the view of the individual has changed....
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