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sociology final - Sociology 110 Final 1 Erving Goffman...

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December 20, 2007 Sociology 110 Final 1. Erving Goffman believes that the self is created from actions performed in given scenarios rather than coming from the person himself. Geoffman argues that the self is not defined by a person’s individual beliefs or actions but by how other people see these actions coming into being and the meaning behind the words and action themselves. The presentation of the self is a performance a one’s own character, and just like in movies, films, and plays the performance itself can convey a different meaning than the intended. Germany. After World War I Germany had to pay massive amount of indemnities to other nations; an act that destroyed the German economy and mad e the paper worth more than the money itself. Hitler didn’t like how Germany was being portrayed as a poor weak country and wanted to show the true Germany, but in his acts of conveying power his actions became viewed as the results of a mentally unstable man that came into power and committed acts of genocide. Hitler believed his acts to be a method of purification and creating a strong Germany, but society sees his performance as the result of a man with serious mental issues that couldn’t express himself in a positive way. But, Goffman’s views are old fashion, and his beliefs are now portrayed as old fashion and created from a 1950’s-1960’s belief system. Goffman’s beliefs can still be applied in today’s society, but the spectrum has considerably narrowed. It is true that an audience still takes the setting into consideration. For example: one is more likely to believe a person’s personal accounts at a country club than to believe them in a courtroom; thus changing how we view the person as a whole.
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But, in modern society one can’t always believe what they want or what the majority of the population believes, but instead have to respect an individual’s view of self. This situation is most evident with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. One must accept their portrayals of self. An parent is now looked down upon for trying to
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