soc1 - By the time my sister came around my parents seemed...

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September 6, 2007 Into Soc assignment 1 During the course of my life I have experienced several different teaching methods all designed to have the same end result. This is perhaps most apparent in the contrasting teachings that my parents used when rearing my siblings and myself. My brothers and I were born sequentially within year time spans, and then there is a four year span before my sister was born. My brothers and I were raised off of old school principles, a time when physical punishment, pain, and spankings were still accepted as a common practice of disciplining a child. I know it was not my parents’ goal to harm the child or to satisfy some sick fetish, but to raise me and my brothers to have good manners and to be functioning members of society. Therefore, when they where spanking me and my brothers with a spoon it was with the sole interest of raising well behaved children.
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Unformatted text preview: By the time my sister came around, my parents seemed to take on a new philosophy to rearing children. My sister was raised with the new age policy of the “time-out” and groundings, but the goal of the punishments were the same; to correct the child’s behavior. Although, I may feel that the way my behavior was corrected may be a more efficient or faster method of correction, the outcome is the same. I also believe that the difference of behavior correction methods needs to be different for males and females because males are more prone to violence and women shouldn’t get used to being struck. I sometimes question why there were such contrasts in the philosophies used to raise my sister and I, but despite the different paths taken, the destination was the same. Although the practices were different they yielded the same end result....
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soc1 - By the time my sister came around my parents seemed...

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