soc 11-29 - anything but the necessities to survive she...

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November 29, 2007 Sociology 110 Assignment 12 Money, Money, Money Money is supposed to be used as an intermediate of exchange to facilitate and standardize market transfers, but there are instances when money doesn’t follow its intended purpose. My Grandmother, as I am sure a lot of other people have done, left my mother an inheritance. This transaction is an example where money was used, but not for its intended purpose. My grandmother felt no need to spend money on material possessions and would rather patch her underwear than to go to the store and purchase a new pair. I believe that my grandmother might have read the book Walden’s pond by Henry David Thoreau to many times and had the ideology of transcendentalism imprinted into her mind. My grandmother seemed to follow the examples in Walden’s pond literally in the sense of trying to be self sufficient from society, but she still participated in the economy by maintaining an income. Since, my grandmother didn’t use the money to purchase
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Unformatted text preview: anything but the necessities to survive she amassed wealth that she never intended on spending. “If one observes gift exchange closely enough it turns out to be as pragmatic, calculating, and obligatory as market transfers. Or else gifts serve primarily as display commodities, visible symbols of a donor's wealth or refinement”, but inheritance doesn’t seem to work this way. Inheritance isn’t the exchange of gifts, there is no medium of the exchange, and the deceased gets nothing in return because they no longer exist in the material world. Money in this sense is nothing special, money retained the same value, but the fact that money was accumulated for a purpose other than its intended purpose is special. It is also special in the sense that one is expected to spend, expected to support an economy that has a need for consumer debt, and expects people to fulfill their requirement as Americans to drive this economy....
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soc 11-29 - anything but the necessities to survive she...

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