Victorian age - o Sonnets from Portuguese 43 • Robert...

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Victorian age 1837-1901 Britain solidified o 1857 Empress of India o Sun never sets on British Empire Technology o WWII o Railways 1830 Liverpool and Manchester o Slavery 1833 Draconian Law o Irish Mistreated o Potato Pham an o Prime Minister tried to lift the tariff 1848 o Lots of revolutions 18?? o American Civil War o Hard to get cotton 1870 o Married woman property act
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o Franco Prussian war o Germany Became a country o Italy became sweet o And the French lost the ability to shower after the fall of Napoleon due to social destruction and that is why to this day France smells- Need to know o Electric to gas lighting o Subway line o Radium o 39 not allowed to marry o 40 eloped moved to Italy o Regained strength and had child with Robert downing
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Unformatted text preview: o Sonnets from Portuguese 43 • Robert Browning o 1812-1889 o Dramatic Verse D monologue as well • These now norms o 1860’s death write rival Albert Tenson o Lean toward shake sauce and donne • My last Duchess o Negotiating Marriage o Enjoyed Simple Things o Killed her with jealousy Tennison • England 1809 • Cambridge • Arthur Holman • 1850 • 1855 publishes MOD • 1859 publishes idol of the kings o 1872-74 finished it o 10000 copies • Very popular • Had to live up to expectations • Enoch Arden o sail think down return love o w/remarried o Holy Grail o October 6,1892 died...
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Victorian age - o Sonnets from Portuguese 43 • Robert...

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