A. Chapter 1 - Volume Composition Core 10-13 g/cm 3 16 Iron...

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A. Chapter One The Earth is a complex, dynamic planet. We will study it as a system – a combination of related parts that interact in an organized fashion. Principal subsystems of Earth 1. Atmosphere 2. Hydrosphere 3. Biosphere 4. Lithosphere 5. Mantle 6. Core Geology is the study of the Earth 1. Physical Geology – studies Earth materials as well as processes operating within the Earth and on its surface. 2. Historical Geology – studies the origin and evolution of Earth and its oceans, continents, and life.
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Structure of the Earth The Earth is dynamic – it has changed continuously through its history and continues to change today. The Earth consists of 3 concentric layers resulting from density differences between the layers. Layer Density
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Unformatted text preview: Volume Composition Core 10-13 g/cm 3 16 % Iron and nickle Mantle 3.3-5.7 83 % Peridotite Fe/Mg Crust 2.7-3.0 1% Si / Al enriched Core a. small inner part - solid b. larger outer part - apparently liquid Mantle a. Lower mantle - solid. Most of Earth’s volume b. Asthenosphere – same composition as lower mantle, but it is plastic and slowly flows. c. Upper mantle – consists of asthenospere plus the overlying solid rocks up to the base of the crust. Crust a. Continental– thick (20-90 km), Si & Al rich b. Oceanic – thin (5-10 km), basalt Lithosphere - The solid upper mantle and the crust. This unit is broken into “plates” that move over the asthenosphere due to convection currents....
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A. Chapter 1 - Volume Composition Core 10-13 g/cm 3 16 Iron...

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