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B. Chapter 3 - rocks Rocks are divided into classes...

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B. Chapter 3 Minerals A mineral must be: 1. naturally occurring 2. inorganic 3. crystalline - external crystal form is controlled by internal structure (the arrangement of atoms or ions). 4. Have a narrowly defined chemical composition Ex.) Olivine (Mg, Fe) SiO 5. Have distinctive and definitive physical properties. The 7 principle properties are: 1. color 2. streak 3. hardness 4. cleavage and fracture 5. luster 6. specific gravity 7. crystal form Other minor properties may be useful in identification of specific minerals. 1. texture or feel 2. special ability, such as graphite can write on paper 3. taste 4. double refraction 5. magnetic 6. flexible or plastic behavior 7. effervescence
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Rocks and the Rock Cycle Rock – a solid aggregate of one or more minerals, mineral fragments, or fragments of other
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Unformatted text preview: rocks. Rocks are divided into classes depending upon the manner in which they form. 1. Igneous rocks – form when magma crystallizes or volcanic ejecta (such as ash) accumulates and consolidates. 2. Sedimentary rocks – form by consolidation of minerals or rock fragments or precipitation from solution. 3. Metamorphic rocks – form from the alteration of other rocks by heat, pressure, and the chemical activity of fluids. The Rock Cycle – illustrates the inter-relationships between the rock groups as they are subjected to continual change through time....
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B. Chapter 3 - rocks Rocks are divided into classes...

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