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MEA 101 Physical Geology Exam 1 Practice Questions 1. Which of the following was NOT an observation that led to the continental drift hypothesis? a) The coastlines of several continents were observed to fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. b) A land bridge was discovered to connect South America and Africa. c) Evidence was found that glaciers once covered land masses that are now close to the equator. d) Fossils of the same organisms are found on different continents. 2. In the context of science, how would you classify the following statement? The continued use of fossil fuels will raise global temperatures. a) Prediction b) Observation 3. Review the map of the plates and locations below and identify which pair of locations is moving farther apart as a result of plate tectonics? a) Bombay and Sydney b) Hawaii and Tokyo c) Galapagos Islands and Rio de Janeiro d) Galapagos Islands and Hawaii 4. Which of the maps is the best representation of the global distribution of active volcanoes?
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