Weathering and Sedimentary Rocks

Weathering and Sedimentary Rocks - Weathering and...

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Weathering and Sedimentary Rocks Why are sedimentary rocks important? 1. Accessibility – most common rocks exposed at the surface. 2. Aid the study of the Earth’s history by recording evidence of surface processes. These gives information on systems such as streams, shorelines, wind and glaciers. 3. Weathering processes yield soil – important for life support 4. Economically important. a. weathering creates some natural resources b. sedimentary rocks yield building material c. serve as host rocks for other natural resources – petroleum and natural gas Def’n: Weathering – a group of physical and chemical processes that alter Earth materials so that they are more nearly in equilibrium with a new set of environmental conditions. Def’n: Parent material – rock acted on by weathering Def’n: Erosion – wearing away of soil and rock by geologic agents Def’n: Sediment – particles of minerals or other rocks which are the raw material for the formation of sedimentary rocks. Weathering, erosion and sediment deposition are necessary parts of the rock cycle!
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Weathering Def’n: The physical breakdown and chemical alteration of Earth’s materials at or near the surface. This is an essential part of the rock cycle. Parent Material / \ / \ / \ Mechanical Weathering Chemical Weathering Transport Def’n: Differential weathering – weathering takes place at different rates even in the same area – resulting in uneven surfaces. Def’n:
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Weathering and Sedimentary Rocks - Weathering and...

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