war in iraq - Samantha Smith War Politics Moral Development...

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Samantha Smith April 13, 2008 America’s war on terrorism is now in its sixth year, however, instead of making progress in pulling troops out of Iraq, the top U.S commander in Iraq, Army Gen. David Patraeus, says it is too soon for troop cuts. Patraeus says that, still, Iraq is much to fragile to deal with the possibility of attacks from extremist violence from the Sunni or Shiite. American troops must remain in place until Iraq is able to fend for itself. Although Patraeus says that security is getting better and Iraq’s own forces are becoming stronger, it is too soon to pull troops out. The American people are now at war with each other over whether sending more troops overseas is really necessary. Patraeus has now recommended to President Bush that he complete the withdrawal of 20,000 extra troops. He also proposed a 45 day period of “consolidation and evaluation” in order to assess the situation further before pulling any more troops. As of right now, President Bush is in control of how the plan will be sought out, but what are the views of the Presidential Candidates of 2008? Senator Barack Obama has been critiquing the Bush Administration’s plan on war since 2002. According to his official state of Illinois website, where voters can find all of Obama’s
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war in iraq - Samantha Smith War Politics Moral Development...

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