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Samantha Smith March 14, 2008 Prof. Jane Nugent Paraphrase on “Clinton…” article In the article titled, “Clinton Success Alters Delegate race’s Dynamic”, writers for The New York Times pick apart the race between Obama and Clinton in the tight competition for the democratic nomination. Clinton’s victories in the primaries have barely made a difference in Obama’s lead in delegates. Obama now has 1,299 delegates while Clinton follows with 1,180 delegates. A candidate must receive 2,025 to claim the nomination, which is where the issue of superdelegates arises. Obama believes that superdelegates should support whoever has won the most elected delegates after the primary ends while Clinton plans to
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Unformatted text preview: use persuasion to get these superdelegates to vote for her. Obama also plans to be more aggressive while Clinton plans to put in as much effort as possible to win Florida and Michigan. There is now pressure on the Democratic Party to find a way to seat delegations from Michigan and Florida. Plans of a caucus-style election have been discussed for both states. As of right now, Clinton’s win in Ohio has slowed the race down as she inches her way to get closer to Obama’s stats. With all of the emphasis that will be put on the Democratic contest, it will be hard for McCain to be heard from in for the next couple of weeks....
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