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Exam 2 - Math 408d Spring 2007 —— Sato Exam 2 — March...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 408d Spring 2007 —— Sato Exam 2 —- March 9, 2007 Do all your work in your bluebook. Answers with insufficient justification will receive no credit. Support ALL of your answers. Calculators are allowed. 1. (10 points) ( Find a power series representation for the function f(x) = _ 2 fit 2. a. (10 points) Find a Maclaurin series for the function f(x) = x sin(x3). Show the steps you used. b. (10 points) Use the Maclaurin series of part a to approximate the definite integral to an error of less than 0.01: -l j x sin(x3) dx 0 3. (10 points) Find the center and radius of the circle given in polar coordinates by r = 2cos 6 - 25in 9 4. a. (10 points) Find the terms of the Taylor series for the function f(x) = ln(x+l) centered at a = 1 through the 4th power. This would be the terms through n = 4. b. (10 points) Use the third Taylor polynomial T3(x) for the function of part a, centered at a = l, to approximate f(l .1). Estimate the error in the approximation. 6. Suppose that a curve in the plane is given by the parametric equations x = 12 + l, y = 1‘3 — 3. a. (5 points) Find dy/dx and determine where the graph has horizontal and vertical tangents. b. (.5 points) Find dzy/ctrz. c. (5 points) Find the length of the curve from I: 0 to t = l. d. (5 points) Set up, but do not evaluate, an integral to find the surface area generated if the portion of the curve in part a is rotated about the y-axis. 7. (10 points) Find the interval of convergence of the power series: 00 mm V‘ ? ~— <x~1> VH2. V120 8. (10 points) Find the first 5 terms of the Taylor series for fix) = ln(1+x) centered at a = l. ...
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